About Absolut Sales

The Very Best in Product and Manufacturer Representation
It is not enough to simply bring a great product to market and expect to be successful. Your product must be pitched to retailers, packaged for distributors and prepared for the Web space. And it must be done quickly. Absolut Sales offers these services and more to help you penetrate existing and emerging markets, realize fast ROI with little investment, and help your company reach its full potential. Unlike other providers who only offer specialized regional service, Absolut Sales is your full-service one-stop shop for representing your product across all of North America. Contact us today and we can help you achieve your goals.

With over 30 years of experience partnering with manufacturers of IT and consumer electronic products, Absolut Sales offers a comprehensive suite of services to position your products competitively and effectively. We will work with you to develop marketing and business plans and leverage our expertise in logistics development, ROI analysis, retail merchandising and more to ensure that your brand and product are properly represented. We will do all product setups, provide all Web assets, including images, videos and rich content, as well as create quarterly marketing budgets and plans with detailed reporting. Our experienced team will also attend trade shows to interact with the public as well customer sales representatives. Contact us today to find out what services are right for you.


  • Start-to-Finish Representation
  • Product Setups
  • Web Content (Images, Videos, Rich Content)
  • Customer Promotions
  • Marketing Plans and Budgets
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Customer Engagement
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About Absolut Sales

Founded in 2006, Absolut Sales specializes in manufacturer sales and marketing representation for distributors, retailers, SMB and other outlets across North America, focusing on information technology and consumer electronics. Absolut Sales is headquartered in Southern California.Current and past clients include Fortune 500 and industry leading companies, including Lexar, Magellan GPS products, Thermos, Thrustmaster, Fender Musical Instruments, and more.

The mission of Absolut Sales is to be the best-in-class manufacturer representative and bridge between vendor and reseller. Absolut Sales understands that in any competitive business space, there is no substitute for growth and profitability. Contact Absolut Sales


  • International CES
  • NAMM Show
  • International Home and Housewares Show
  • NAB Show
  • Roadys Conference
  • Travel Center Shows